Hiliary Chisholm

Executive Director

Hiliary has worked as the Director for the NCDAC since March of 2015. Hiliary went to Concordia College in Moorhead, where she graduated with degrees in Psychology and Child & Family Development. Hiliary then completed some post graduate education at NDSU, and Post University in Connecticut. Hiliary began working in this field in 2007 on a whim but fell in love with it immediately. She worked mainly in the residential (group home) setting before coming to the NCDAC. Hiliary married a farmer, and moved to Ada in late 2013, and when the NCDAC had a position open in early 2015, Hiliary jumped at the chance to make Ada her location for work and home life!

Hiliary enjoys every aspect of the NCDAC, but her favorite thing about the NCDAC is the relationships she has built with all of the people supported, and the staff. Hiliary looks forward to coming into "work" each morning, and states it is hard not to smile when you are at the DAC.

One thing Hiliary wishes everyone knew about the NCDAC is that we focus on teaching employment services for the people supported - we are much more than an "adult daycare" as some think. We complete work for 22 businesses in Ada, and we currently have five projects in-house that we outsource for pay. We work every single day, and nearly every single person who attends the NCDAC works in some capacity and earns a paycheck! The people who attend are very hard workers, are always busy, and are capable of much more than they are given credit for.

Hiliary is very excited to be with the NCDAC and can’t wait to see what the future has in store.

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