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The NCDAC was organized and started in the 1970’s with the help of the local chapter of the ARC, who had visions of developing integrated work opportunities for people with disabilities which were no different than those opportunities available to other non-disabled citizens. In 1984, the land in which the new NCDAC was going to be built was purchased from Geddes family. In 1985 the new NCDAC building was built.





It is our primary goal is to provide or obtain services which allow citizens with disabilities to attain the greatest degree of independence for which they are capable. We provide opportunities which allow individuals to learn and develop self-direction, self-preservation, and decision making for them which will reduce serious potential or real physical or emotional harm from occurring.


We recognize that each individual carry's with them a personal identity and history.  We understand the value and importance of ongoing family involvement and will advocate for and encourage family involvement when this assists their family member in attaining greater independence. To assist families, guardians, and individuals, we provide opportunities for the community to gain an understanding of people with disabilities.


We strive to employ persons who have attributes such as, but not limited to knowledge, experience, skills, and behaviors necessary to be good examples and good coaches. We also provide our employees ongoing training to further develop their skills.