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Renae Kappes

Administrative Aide - Job Coach

Renae has been employed at the NCDAC for 39 years. Renae has worked as a job coach, and has also served all 36 years as the NCDAC's administrative aide!

As a senior in high school, Renae job shadowed in a special education classroom with Mr. Nissan. Renae says Mr. Nissan planted a seed in her heart for folks with disabilities, and the seed grew and blossomed, quickly! Renae then began working at the NCDAC in 1981, and her love for this field has continued to grow ever since.

The thing Renae enjoys most about the NCDAC is everything. Renae loves the people we support and the staff she works with every day. Renae says we have an awesome team at the NCDAC, and she is very proud of our facility. Renae has also enjoyed watching the NCDAC grow over the last 39 years, and says the people supported continue to give her a lot of joy. Renae says the people we support are the most loving, compassionate people, and love unconditionally, and always strive to be their best! Renae feels blessed that God gave her the patience, compassion and love to reach out to the special people supported. Renae states she has gained many great friends over her career at the NCDAC, and has thoroughly enjoyed being part of every aspect of their lives, from the beginning to the end of their time at the NCDAC. Renae has been blessed to partake in many individual's celebrations of life, after they have passed, and states they will forever hold a special place in her heart.

Renae's favorite memory of her time at the NCDAC is when her mom was ill in 2002 and she was hospitalized for nearly one year, and the people supported, sent cards and pictures to her mom every day. Renae says it made her mom smile and gave her reasons to fight. In 2017 Renae's dad was then diagnosed with cancer, and the people supported and did the same for her dad and for his room. Renae says the people we support have taught her a lot about life!

One thing Renae wishes everyone knew about the NCDAC is that we are a great team and we strive to give the best to the people we support and help make them shine!

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Diana Woltjer

Job Coach

Diana has worked with the NCDAC for 36 years as a job coach.

Diana grew up in Ada before being married and moving to Twin Valley. Diana was married for 42 years before her husband passed. She has 3 children and 9 grand children, all of which she is very proud of. Diana stayed home with her children while they were growing, and when the youngest started school, she began working at the NCDAC.


The thing Diana enjoys most about working at the NCDAC is the people. Diana states the staff and clients care very much for each other, and are true friends. We miss each other when someone is gone, and always support one another, especially on days you need an extra friend. Diana believes all of the people she gets to work with are amazing.

One of Diana's favorite memories of the NCDAC is from back when she first began working here. Diana was hired to work one-on-one with an individual who was not able to speak and had a difficult time developing relationships with others. Diana felt the individual did not enjoy being with her, but they worked together every day and Diana continued to talk with the individual and try different methods to connect with them. One day, the individual smiled and laughed at Diana, and Diana says it was awesome to be able to finally communicate with the individual.

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Brenda Dahl

Job Coach

Brenda has worked at the NCDAC for 36 years as a job coach.

Brenda grew up in Minot, ND and went to college at Minot State for two years. Brenda then graduated from Lutheran Brethren Bible College with an Associate or Arts Degree. Brenda has done volunteer work in the health and human service field since she was a junior in high school. After Brenda got married, she moved to Borup, then Ada, and this is when she began working at the NCDAC.

Brenda states it is a pleasure to work in this occupation with the people we support. Her favorite part of the NCDAC is being able to see all of the changes and strides each person supported makes in their lives, for the better.

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Susie Sourdif

Job Coach

Susie has worked as a job coach at the NCDAC for almost 22 years now.

When Susie was younger, her very first job was working as a CNA in Thief River Falls. Susie did this for 17 years, before moving to Ada with her husband and family. Upon arriving to Ada, Susie worked as a CNA and in activities at the nursing home. In 1997 the flood came, and Susie was no longer able to work at the nursing home because this. Susie then began working in flood recovery. When the mission she belonged to was no longer needed for flood recovery, she was out of employment, until someone called and told her of an opening at the NCDAC. Susie applied and the rest is history.

The thing Susie enjoys most about working at the NCDAC is being with the people supported. Susie states it is very rewarding to be able to help people who do not have the opportunities that she has.

One of Susie's favorite memories is from when she first began working at the NCDAC. Susie says there was an older fellow who loved music - he would carry a radio in a Kleenex box with him, and would sway back and forth to the music.

The one thing Susie wishes people knew about the NCDAC is that the people supported are such fun to be around and they don't always get the respect they deserve.

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Marla Wegge

Job Coach

Marla started working at the NCDAC as a part-time job coach in August 2015. In September 2016, Marla joined the our team full-time. 

Marla began working in the health and human service field in 2011 at REM in Ada. At this time, she realized the love she had for this type of work, and Marla says she was honored to be offered a full time position at the NCDAC to be able to continue her work in this field.

Marla's favorite thing about the NCDAC is the relationships she has built with her co-workers and each person supported here. Marla enjoys each and every day at the NCDAC because every day is different and exciting! Marla also states the support she has received from her co-workers and people supported is something she will never forget.

One thing Marla wishes everyone knew about the NCDAC is each person supported has their own amazing personalities. They are loving, caring and hardworking individuals.

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Heide Yost

Job Coach

Heide has worked at the NCDAC for the last 2 and a half years as a job coach.

Heide went to school to be a Massage Therapist, and worked at the Spa in the casino in Mahnomen for many years before moving to Ada. After moving to Ada, Heide wanted to find work closer to her new home and began working at REM group homes, where she quickly became a home supervisor. Heide loved working at the homes and with the persons she supported! When an opening came up at the NCDAC, Heide moved from the group home to the NCDAC.

The thing Heide enjoys most about working at the NCDAC is the people she supports, and how much they enjoy and appreciate the simple things! Heide also likes that the people supported are so happy when they see her and others they care for, even when we see each other almost daily.

One thing Heide wishes others knew about the NCDAC is we are much more than an adult day care or school. Each individual has their own special, unique skills, that allows them to be successful.


Shell Grieger

Job Coach

Shell started working at the NCDAC in July of 2019 as a job coach.


Shell has worked off and on for 13 1/2 years now with children and adults with developmental disabilities. Her heart is in this field.


Shell's favorite things about the NCDAC are the clients and the staff, she says they are absolutely amazing! She also loves to hear the laughter of the clients and see the joy on their faces when they accomplish something. Priceless.


Shell wishes that everyone knew that our clients are capable of so much more than people give them credit for. Shell says, They will astound you with what they can do!

Michael pic.jpg

Michael Kirschbaum

Job Coach

Michael started working at the NCDAC in August of 2019 as a job coach.


Michael worked his early years in the hotel and casino industry in Las Vegas, NV. He then got involved in non-profits and that shifted his life. He loves being able to help other's no matter what the need may be. Michael moved to Ada with his mom in March of 2019 to be closer to some family.  He was told about a job opening at he NCDAC and the rest is history.

Michael's favorite things about the NCDAC is the "family" atmosphere and the love that everyone has for each other, no matter staff or person that is served. He says it is more than just coming to work, it's coming to spend time with your extended family. 

Michael wishes that everyone knew that those we serve and so unique in their own individual way. Each person has something to offer those around, if you just give them the time to express it... The job is life changing.